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Opening of Film with Theresa AnderssonCyril Neville - Austin
Cyril Neville - MemphisDr. John and Voodoo Priestess
Theresa Andersson Extended SongEddie Bo Extended Song
Beatinpath Extended SongJon Cleary Bonus Footage
Papa Mali Bonus FootageBig Chief Monk Boudreaux Bonus Footage
Dr. John Extended SongMarcia Ball Extended Song



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A Mug-Shot/Hope Springs
production of
A Starz InBlack Original
(c) Starz Entertainment Group 2006

Director & Editor: Robert Mugge
Producers: Robert Mugge & Diana Zelman

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"As with the vast majority of the nearly two dozen music-themed films he's made in a career now stretching back three decades, Robert Mugge's leisurely and peripatetic NEW ORLEANS MUSIC IN EXILE is all about the music…an intimate and eye-opening meditation on the resiliency of the artists and the magnitude of the loss, informed by the helmer's familiarity and friendships with key subjects."
- Eddie Cockrell, Variety

"Lovingly shot and directed by Robert Mugge, the film shows New Orleans legends such as Dr. John, Cyril Neville and Theresa Andersson revisiting their hometown, assessing the storm damage and trying to rebuild their personal and creative lives despite the mass destruction of the storm… The sense of despair is palpable and many of the musicians appear dazed and sleepy, as if they've given up on ever returning to their former lives… The music is as warm and human as the people who create it. Contrasted with the destruction of New Orleans, the strength of the musicians is even more amazing… The film is a tragic yet triumphant story of the human spirit and the ability of artists to transcend their problems. It serves as an inspiration to us all."
- Steve Hammer, NUVO (Indianapolis)

"Within days after Katrina leveled New Orleans in late August 2005, Mugge's documentarian instincts kicked in:  'I was immediately in touch with the Starz Entertainment Group saying, There's an incredible story here.  It's maybe as big a music-related story as has happened in our lifetimes.  Here is arguably our most important city, culturally speaking, lying to a great extent in ruins.  There's a real question whether government and others are going to rise to the task to save it and to save this culture.  And we have the opportunity to get right in there now and tell this story.'"
- Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

"'I'm glad I focused just on music and the musicians,' Mugge says.  'But you could have turned a camera in any direction and there would be something worth shooting.  You could go up to anybody and they would have a story to tell.'"
- Chris Davis, Memphis Flyer