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Film Noir and Visual Storytelling Courses
Film Noir & Persona
Exploring Cinema's Visual Essence
The Big Heat - Wings of Desire
Cinema since WW2 and Ernst Lubitsch
Nouveua Vague and Ernst Lupistsch
Taught by Robert Mugge
Man of Marble - The Seventh Seal
Two New Video Production Courses for Fall 2013
Film Techniques and Aesthetics
Tuesdays 2:00 - 5:30 pm
Citizen Kane - The Bridge on the River Kwai - Deep Blues - Grey Gardens
In the Mood for Love and Hero
In the Mood for Love and Seven Samurai
Oldboy - Late Spring - Farewell My Concubine - The Host
Asian Cinema - Summer Session II
Combining Film Studies & Video Production for Spring 2013
Kieslowski on Kieslowski
Film Noir
Eastern Europe's Finest Modern Filmmaker
America's Dard Dramas of the '40s and 50's
Combining Film Studies and Video Production for Fall 2012
Wings of Desire
Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones
Exploring Cinema's Visual Essence
Producing Music Docs & Movie Musicals
The Complete Film Production Handbook
Eve Light Honthaner
The Business of Production
For Film and Television
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