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Robert Mugge discusses the making of his 1991 film
DEEP BLUES, and Bruce Iglauer discusses his blues label
Alligator Records, for NDR (German public radio)


On January 30, 2020, at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee, NDR radio correspondent Knut Benzner interviewed filmmaker Robert Mugge about the making of his 1991 film DEEP BLUES, which was executive produced by Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, who plans to relaunch the film in 2021. Afterwards, Mr. Benzner and fellow German radio journalist Dr. Michael Groth interviewed Bruce Iglauer, founder and and head of Chicago blues label Alligator Records. Upon returning to Germany, Mr. Benzner created a program titled “Memphis & Mississippi 2020 before the virus” for Radio Globo on NDR Info, which was first broadcast on April 13, 2020. After a song performed by one of the bands competing in the IBC, Mr. Benzner presents portions of his interview conducted with Robert Mugge, followed by portions of the interview conducted with Bruce Iglauer plus additional material recorded subsequently in Jackson, Mississippi and Montgomery, Alabama. Naturally, the program is largely in German. Below is Robert Mugge’s photo of Mr. Iglauer (center) being interviewed by Dr. Groth (left) and Mr. Benzner (right).



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